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Comparing the traditional insulation materials,CAS environmental protection heat preservation and heat insulation aluminum nanometer magnesia felt The coefficient of thermal conductivity of less than 0.03 W/m K, the heat preservation effect is superior to the traditional heat preservation material for 3 to 5 times, reduced the amount of heat preservation material, reduce the comprehensive cost.
Shuo Wu Tel: 028-87874058

Environmental protection flame retardant

Coefficient of thermal conductivity breakthrough at 0.025-0.030 W/m.K.

The comprehensive cost low

The adoption of new technology reduces the cost, improve the material price. Radiation resistant, low content of VOCS, do not contain asbestos, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

Hydrophobic life long

Creative implanted nanostructures, greatly improving the material waterproof performance. The adoption of new technology reduces the cost, improve the material price.
Shuo Wu Tel: 028-87874058

ChengDu ShuoWu Technology CO.,Ltd is located in ChengDu High Tech zone. which have been certified for "National High-Tech Enterprise", IATF16949,ISO9000 and ISO14000. It has applied for patent of invention on 17 items(10 items authorized) and was awarded as the top 20 "High Tech, High Growing" in 2014 by Deloitte, the global leading professional sevice agent. In 2016 it was be awarded as Excellent High-Tech Enterprise by ChengDu High-tech Zone. ShuoWu is keeping growing with high speed.


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